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DIY poncho

A few weeks ago I decided to do a quick DIY project. I had this beautiful marled woven fabric given to me by a friend several years ago that was just waiting to be made into something. After some thought, I decided to make a simple poncho.


I really like the end result – it’s simple but the drape of the fabric gives it a little bit of flair and elegance. Plus, it was really easy to make! The hardest part was figuring out the dimensions. After I determined how long I wanted the poncho to be, I simply followed these steps:

1. Cut out a rectangle.
2. Fold in half and sew one of the open edges together, leaving about 10″ open for one side of the neckhole. The 10″ gap is in closest proximity to the fold.
3. Cut 10″ along the adjoining fold for the other side of the neckhole.
4. I did a few other things like overlock the raw edges to avoid fray, and tacked the ends of the cut so the neckhole wouldn’t widen. Optional.


Boom. That’s it. Enjoy!