Roasted pork with crispy skin


I love roasted pork! It reminds me of the times when I was a kid. For special occasions my parents would go to places like Sam Woo BBQ that have whole roasted pork and duck on display and order a few pounds of roasted duck. It’s a hassle trying to get roasted pork where we live, so the next best thing is to make it myself.

To my surprise it’s extremely easy! I got the recipe from Serious Eats – Ultra crispy slow roasted pork shoulder and added my own tips and modifications.


The prep time is about 15 mins.

8-10 lbs Pork Shoulder bone in with skin
Kosher salt
Black pepper

Score the Pork Shoulder. Then use about equal amounts of salt and pepper for a dry rub to season the pork. Place the pork onto a rack and cooking tray with aluminum foil. (Tip: place some parchment paper on the rack under the pork for easy removal)

Bake in the oven at 250°F for about 8-10 hours. Then remove the pork from the oven. It should be about 170°F internally and if you poke at it with a fork it should be pretty tender.

Now for the best part. At this point I set the oven at 500°F. While waiting for that to heat up, replace the aluminum foil and parchment paper with a new set to get rid of all the drippings. (Tip: you can make a sauce out of this if you like instead of tossing it away) The reason why I remove the dripping is to prevent massive amounts of smoke coming out of the oven in the next step. Once the oven is heated place the pork in for 15 mins, then rotate and place back in for 15 mins.

Eating tips:
Although, I enjoy eating this just the way it is I would recommend trying it with any of the following: BBQ sauce, Hoisin sauce, Sweet chili sauce or Sriracha.

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