Taiwanese breakfast

We had a craving for some good Taiwanese breakfast this morning, so we fired up Yelp and found this place in San Gabriel. After a relatively speedy drive over (not much traffic on a Sunday morning, thankfully) we sat down and ordered up some tasty treats.


Of course, we had to get the hot sweetened soy milk with the long cruller donut. We also tried this sausage plate, which came with a boiled egg and steamed vegetables. Not pictured is the beef pastry cake, which was also excellent. My only complaint about the entire meal is that the table behind us ordered stinky tofu while I was eating. Sigh…that stuff should be banned! It’s not natural for food to smell that bad. Otherwise, I give Yung Ho two thumbs up.

Yung Ho City Restaurant
1045 E. Valley Blvd. #A105
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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