Waffle Party!

Mike and I went to a friend’s waffle party for lunch today.  The hosts did an amazing job of providing all kinds of batters and toppings.  To make things interesting, everyone could submit a waffle entry of their own creation to be judged.  The top three winners would receive a prize.  This was our entry.
Yes, that’s our homage to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.  We created a double decker banana caramel waffle with blueberries mixed in, then tucked in chocolate and peanut butter chips inside and topped it off with a piece of fried chicken drizzled in maple syrup.  Sadly, our entry placed 5th out of 6 contestants.  Oh well.  At least we weren’t last!
Here’s a closer look at our friends hard at work on their entries, the wonderful spread of waffle ingredients, and the judges carefully deliberating their choices for the winning dishes.
After stuffing ourselves with delicious waffles, we played a new game I’ve never heard of before – basically a mashup of Telephone and Pictionary.  A word was sketched, guessed, then passed around repeatedly, creating some really hilarious progressions.  Here, I sketched “Fairy Godmother”, which as you can see, eventually turned into “Sea Monster”.  Mike claims that the sketch looked like a blobby monster with a hat. 

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