Lunch at Cook’s Tortas

Mike and I met up with an old coworker for lunch today, and he took us to a restaurant in Monterey Park that we hadn’t tried before.  Cook’s Tortas was pretty delicious – their menu was so extensive it was overwhelming to try and choose just one.  

Here we split the Mole Verde torta (Grilled chicken, onions, lettuce, pepita-tomatillo mole) and the Ranchito (Grilled skirt steak, dry aged chorizo, nopalitos salad, spicy serrano guacamole, and fresh cheese).  We couldn’t resist trying the pineapple mint agua fresca, which was so fresh and bursting with flavor.  Two thumbs up – we’ll definitely be back again.

Cook’s Tortas
1944 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Montery Park, CA 91754

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